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Spin Tech

There is really no other good option out there if you're starting a laundry-related business. With their help, we were able to create a business tailored specifically to our customers' busy schedules and allow the flexibility needed in today's hectic world.

Chiranjeevi Owner, Spintech Laundry, Bangalore

Spintech Laundry
Le Laundry

We wanted a software for my dry cleaning & laundry, which operates with 4 business models: counters, lockers, picup & drop, and an aggregation. Fabkare is the ONLY solution in the market providing these 4 options seamlessly with perfection

Gopi Owner,Le Laundry, Pondicherry

Le Laundry

We fell in love with their technology & customer support. It took us JUST 3 days from the time I signed up to the time we implemented Fabkare into our store and had our employees trained. Best decision we have made for our business!

Zeshan Owner, Verinito Express , Mumbai

Verinito Express

For customer, our branded online booking tool, email & WhatsApp notificcations, seamless payment processing, driver tracking, transparent order receipts are critical features that put us in their good books. Where as for us, the ability to check in an order from a cell phone, receive payment before delivery and check day-to-day analytics on the go has been awesome. I would say its really worth for money. We are very happy.

Mrs. Surya Owner,UClean, Bangalore

spin laundry

PearlWash is busiest and Hyderabad's most loved and innovative laundry uses Fabkare to power their stores. Fast turnaround for specific needs and requirements, efficiency improvement in our chain of stores, for exceptional customer service - Fabkare was the only choice. We are very happy with the technology & service.

Archisha Owner, Pearl Wash, Hyderabad

Pearl Wash

We process 10K+ per day at our plant. Collecting the clothes, segregating, delivering by honoring the customer proimised times was night mare for us. With Most User Friendly POS Software with its - automatic clothes tracking, tagging, assembling, and route management, geo tracking and delivery alerting features, we could accomplish software migration in matter of 2 days. It was big relief after that. Brilliant technology with exceptional customer service. Kudos Fabkare.

Nawaz Owner, Namma Dhobi, Hyderabad

Namma Dhobi

We have a unique business model. We work with partners, and they inturn collect the clothes in their allocated region, collect payments, and deliver the serviced clothes. Its really working for us, but scaling was very difficult for us. Fabkarew is a light in the tunnel, they nailed very well that too very quickly. Save us, and save Fabkare. Thank you team.

Rajesh Owner,Dhobee Dubai, Dubai

Dhobee Dubai

We are Patna's No.1 Laundry Service. We could start the pickup and delivery service with semi educated delivery team by gaining a huge lead over our rivals and dramatically increasing the size of their business by being the first app powered pickup and delivery service in the Patna. We stood separate clearly in crowded market with our service and Fabkare technology. Happy to be part of their jouney.

Vikas Jaiswal Owner, Wash Bunnies , Patna

Wash Bunnies

Fabkare has allowed us to manage our dry cleaning business with many stores and a central plant, as well as allowing us to enter new markets. Our staff have taken to the software well, minimizing our training costs and reducing mislaid garments and uncollected orders.

Anil Owner, Woogly, Uttar Pradesh


We recently launched Fabkare in our business and it really eased out our operational glitches. Our management team can monitor, measure, and manage our business remotely through the devices we are using currently. Now, we can concentrate on our business where as operational woes are taken care by the user friendly Fabkare platform. On top it, their exceptional customer support minimized the pain to near zero.

Deepak Owner, TryClean Laundry, Delhi

Starplus Laundry System

To say that I am anything less than incredibly impressed would be untrue. Not only is the software powerful and easy to use, but the Fabkare team is just amazing. If you are looking for a dry cleaning software for your business, you would be foolish to look anywhere else.

Yasir Owner, WeWash, Mumbai


I would say they are not technology vendor, but they are our business partner. I started using Fabkare in one of my stores in June, after month time, our staff forced me to adopt in all our 5 stores. It would be very difficult for us if they are not easy to work with, hand not delivered a high quality product, and not doiong a continuous to improvements to the software. They are very valued partner in raising my business to the next level! Thank you Fabkare team!

Ishan Owner, SAAZ Dry Cleaners, Jaipur

SAAZ Dry Cleaners