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  • Simple & clean POS for quick billing
  • Driver apps for pickup and delivery
  • Clean processing of orders from one stage to other by staff
  • Encourage customers with discounts & measure the conversion with offers
  • App(s) work in offline mode helping field staff
  • Individual Customer Accounts

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Fabkare App and Play Store
Fabkare Login
Fabkare New Order
Fabkare Dashboard
Fabkare Menu
Fabkare Clean Process
Fabkare Cart
Fabkare Create Offers


Fabkare Point Of Sale


  • Touch based bill creation
  • Support for various printers
  • Categorization of catalog
  • Custom image setting for eazy identification
  • Works in all devices
Fabkare Order Flow


  • Set your workflow - Pickup, Clean, Ready etc.
  • Set timelne for each step. Track the delay
  • Give different logins to plant team
  • Send notificaiton to customer when approching delivery
Fabkare campaigns


  • Define SMS & Email campaigns
  • Track engagement & reach out old customers
  • Convert interests into Sales
  • Configure drip marketing and reach them at right time
Fabkare Price List


  • Categorize customers based on order volume
  • Set different prices for each category
  • Automatic apply of prices based on category
  • Give personalized feeling to each customer with prices
Fabkare Driver App


  • Give different App for drivers for pickup & delivery
  • Give optimized route for today's deliveries
  • Track the geo location at any time, and give expected time to customers
  • Locate where your fleet team in mobile
Fabkare Free Website


  • Generate e-commerce website from catalog
  • Host the website for FREE!
  • Accept orders from your website
  • Free to choose a website template from pre-created list

Get "Mobile App & Portal" for your business in 1 Minute.

Log in anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC, Tablet or Phone and see up-to-date data.
One stop solution for all stake holders - customers, your own staff, Drivers and Delivery teams

1. Singup with minimal data
  • Download Fabkare from app store.
  • Signup with - mobile no#, email and store name
  • Authenticate verificaiton tokens
2. Update your catalog
  • Add & remove items from default catalog
  • Set your prices
  • Add different price lists - regular customers
3. Use it

Your staff & drivers are ready to use the app

Help your customers & staff with powerful features

We improves your efficiency, increases the ROI, and maximize customer satisfaction with real time communication
A tool your staff love, and enjoy using it.

Point of Sale (POS)
  • Work on any device.
  • Quick Bill / Invoice Generation
  • Touch screen support
  • Tax rates & rack location configuration
Payment Gateways
  • Integrate with Payment Gateway for capturing payments
  • Few are - Stripe, Paypal, Razor pay, Paytm etc
Mobile Apps

Individual mobile apps are provided to - Store admins, Drivers and Customers effectively.


Customers get the real-time notifciations while order is processing, and moving from one stage to other.

Hosted Website

Shopping cart based website is generated for your account and its absolutely free! Your customers can buy the services from the website also.

User Management

Complete user management, user groups, access control on the functionality based on the roles


Simple customizations are free; more complex customizations are charged.


We provide a world class, 24/7 support through calls, emails and support portal.


Track app usage with pre-configured Google Analytics and learn about user behaviour.

Route Maps

Drivers uses the shortest google route (generated out of Bizbee) for pickup and delivery points


You can send the campaign SMS(s) to the already existed customers, engage them, and retain them.

App Sharing

Users share the app and content directly from within the app and make it viral.

We have tracking of package bundles, customer traction and order capturing over the online. Everthing is smooth and perfect!

Our Happy Customers

We created a platform out of Fabkare for collaboration between Service providers and Customers. We achieved this with fraction of development cost.
I just wanted you to know how pleased we are with the service and attention we get from Fabkare. They have done some super human things for us. We refer to this type of effort as "WOW".
Our pickup and delivery made easy

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